Submitting Files

We are happy to master from digital files. If you wish to use files for cutting please read this in its entirety. There is a 1/2 hr charge for loading them in. (In doing so, we also have to create a second, offset file, to run in sync for preview information to feed the cutting lathe groove-spacing computer, and this takes studio time.) Although we will accept files from FTP servers we charge for the time it takes to download, load in and sequence. Please do us both a favor and submit on DVD and save our time and your money.

Cohearent Audio prefers files for mastering in the following configuration:

  1. Your files are preferred on DVD .
  2. Your files are preferred as sequenced, edited SIDES. In other words, do NOT send a file for each song, and do not send separate left/right files. Keep the file names  VERY SHORT, preferably SIDE A and SIDE B. We don’t need artist names, titles or extensions or mix info. Sonic Solutions HD will not allow building a visible waveform if the file names are long. DO NOT LOCK THE FILE. 
  3. Send .wav files only, sometimes called Broadcast Wave Files or BWFs. NO MP-3s, don’t even ask!
  4. All files MUST BE AT THE SAME SAMPLING FREQUENCY. NO EXCEPTIONS. this means NO, we will not convert them for you.
  5. We accept files up to 192 kHz and 24 bit.  44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 or 176.4kHz are fine, 88.2 or 96kHz preferred
  6. State clearly on the disc, or with accompanying paperwork, what the sampling frequency and bit depth are. (On paper or on the disc surface, NOT in a pdf or other file on the disc)
  7. If your project is 44.1/16 bit, DO NOT SEND FILES. Send an audio CD or CD-R. There is no sonic advantage to sending files. Save yourself $175.

*Please Note: If there are any glitches on your disc or in the download, and there have been, it is your responsibility, not ours. Please check the disc carefully before submitting. This is another reason to not FTP. You will know for sure what we are getting.