Vinyl Record Mastering:

  • Studio Time: $350.00 / Hr
    (Billed in 1/4 hr. increments. Charged if source is not prepared for cutting)

Lacquer Masters:

  • 12″ L.P. $350.00 / Side
  • 12″ L.P. (over 24:00) $400.00 / Side
  • 10″ E.P. $250.00 / Side
  • 7″ Single $175.00 / Side
  • 7″ E.P. (over 7:00) $200.00 / Side

Reference Disks:

  • 12″ L.P. $200.00 / Side
  • 10″ E.P. $175.00 / Side
  • 7″ Single $125.00 / Side

Digital Mastering:

  • Studio Time: $350.00 / Hr.
    (Billed in 1/4 hr increments. Typical CD Mastering time is 1Hr. per 1/4 Hr of recorded time)

CD / SACD Masters and Copies:

  • PMCD (CD master for replication with error verification sheet) $100.00
  • DVD-R -DSD Files for SACD Manufacturing or Hi Res PCM $50.00
  • CD-R copies of your CD Master (we will make small quantities only) $50.00 ea.

A note about SACD mastering: We bill for the mastering and transfer time only at our regular hourly rate.
Please contact Gus Skinas at Super Audio Center for the additional charges necessary to produce an SACD master.

Super Audio Center LLC
1921 Diamond Drive
Longmont Colorado, 80504 USA
Fax: 303-581-7941 Gus Skinas Tel: 303-530-7069

Prices effective Oct.1, 2022, and subject to change without notice.

We are not responsible for errors or glitches on your tapes or digital sources.  Please confirm that sources are exactly as you want them before sending to us.

All work is guaranteed, defective masters will be replaced at no charge. However, we are not responsible for costs incurred in subsequent manufacturing. We urge clients to carefully listen to test pressings or CD/DVD refs before manufacturing.

We will exercise care in the handling and storage of any property left on our premises, but unless agreed to in writing, all liability for the safety of such property remains with the client

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