Recommended Side Times

SX74 frtYes, it is possible to squeeze 30 minutes or more on an LP side. BUT the level (volume) on the record will be VERY LOW and when turned up to play back, surface noise will be considerably louder. If you follow these guide-lines you will have a better sounding record:

12” 331/3 LP – PREFERRED time is 16:00 to 18:00
24:00 is recommended MAXIMUM

12” 331/3 – DANCE/CLUB (elevated level)
12:00 is recommended MAXIMUM

12” 45 LP – 14:00 is recommended MAXIMUM
Longer sides are possible, but the level will probably be LOWER than if cut at 331/3

12” 45 LP DANCE/CLUB (elevated level)
9:00 is recommended Maximum

10” 331/3 EP – MAXIMUM 14:00

10” 45 EP -MAXIMUM 10:30

We will state right up front that we accept no responsibility for the sound of 7” pressings. Although they can sound good, it is very difficult to get a decent pressing, and they usually don’t sound very good. Release them at your own risk!

7” 45 Single -PREFERRED 3:30 recommended MAXIMUM 5:00

7” 331/3 –PREFERRED 5:00 recommended MAXIMUM 7:00